Sharp PC-1500 : FAST LOAD

Fast Load Monitor for Sharp PC-1500 (all versions).
© Logi'Stick 1984. (*)
Relocatable machine language program - 540 bytes.

Download Fast Load (670 KB)

"Fast load monitor" enables fast loading (4000 baud, 13 times the normal speed) of all Basic or machine language programs and variables.

The program uses 540 bytes of memory and must stay in the machine in order to be used at any time. FAST LOAD can be relocated at any memory address, depending on the installed RAM module.

To install the program at the beginning of the memory and leave as much space as possible for the Basic programs, type the following:
(in PRO mode) NEW PEEK &7863*256+736 (ENTER)
then load FAST-LOAD using CLOAD M

"Fast load monitor" permet le chargement rapide (4000 baud, 13 fois la vitesse normale) de tous programmes Basic ou LM et variables indicées.

Le programme occuppe 540 octets de mémoire vive et doit rester en machine de facon à pouvoir être utilisé à tout moment. Le programme FAST LOAD peut être relogé à tout endroit de la mémoire, en fonction des modules mémoire installés.

Pour placer le programme en début de mémoire et laisser ainsi le plus de place aux programmes Basic faire :
(en mode PRO) NEW PEEK &7863*256+736 (ENTER)
puis charger FAST-LOAD avec CLOAD M

(*) This software is made available for documentation purpose only, since the PC-1500 is now an obsolete computer. This is not a commercial site. If you own a copyright on this program and do not want it to be available from this site, please inform me and I will remove it.

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