lhTools - Sharp PC-1500 BASIC compiler/decompiler & LH 5801 assembler/disassembler

© Christophe Gottheimer, 1992-2021
Download C source code (v0.7.8) for Unix/Linux/*BSD/MAC-OSX: lhTools-0.7.8.zip.
Download full documentation in PDF: lhTools-0.7.8.pdf.


lhTools is a toolbox for dissasembling and decompiling the BASIC or machine language programs of the SHARP PC-1500/A and TRS-80 PC-2.
It consists of 4 programs:
- lhasm : The assembler and basic compiler to produce a binary image from BASIC assembler, or hexadecimal dump sources.
- lhdump : The disassembler, BASIC decompiler and hexadecimal dumper, working on a binary image.
- lhcom : The serial sender/receiver to transfer programs and data with the CE-158 serial interface.
- lhpoke : The utility to transform a binary program into a BASIC program using POKE.

Note: This version is still in pre-alpha release. It is not fully mature and bugs may be present.
Disclaimer: You use this code at your own risk. I am not responsible for any damage or any data lost or corrupted by using this software or by using the binary images created with this software while running them on a Sharp PC-1500/A or TRS-80 PC-2. Be sure to save your important data or programs before loading and running the binary images. C.G.

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