TRS-80 PC-2 (and Sharp PC-1500) : Chemistry Math

Radio Shack TRS-80 PC-2 Chemistry Math software(*).

Download PC-2 Chemistry Math + notice (1.28 MB)

PC-2 Chemistry Math: © 1982 Tandy Corporation. All rights reserved.
The Chemistry Math™ package is a tool for students who are familiar with the fundamentals of chemistry. The first eight programs perform basic chemistry calculations. The last two programs are handy references; one converts English units of measure to metric units, one is a periodic table of the elements.

"Chemistry Math" consists of:
WTWTVOL - Solves weight-weight and weight-volume problems.
EQUILIB - Calculates acid equilibria.
IDEALGAS - Performs ideal gas calculations.
MOLNORM - Calculates molarity/normality of solutions.
BPFP - Calculates boiling and freezing poinds of solutions.
KSP - Calculates solubility products.
FORMWTS - Calculates molecular weights.
PH - Calculates pH, OH-, and H+ concentrations of solutions.
METRIC - Converts English units of measure to metric units.
ATOMWTS - Finds atomic weights.

The PC-2 displays the results of its calculations to its full available accuracy - up to 10 digits. If you wish, you can receive a printout of each problem and its answer.

(*) This software is made available for documentation purpose only, since the PC-1500 is now an obsolete computer. This is not a commercial site. If you own a copyright on this program and do not want it to be available from this site, please inform me and I will remove it.

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