ROM1500 - Sharp PC-1500 ROM disassembler software

© E.Millescamps, 2001-2013
ROM1500 is a PC-1500 ROM disassembler written by Eric Millescamps. It can disassemble any binary program (such as files generated by WAV2BIN), and runs under Windows with a very nice interface.

Download zipped executable+explanations here: (Beta5, 780 KB).
Alternatively, check latest version and developments from:

Quick instructions:

Launch the executable, press ON, then choose a mode:
ROM : display loaded ROM(s).
ADDRESS : display all known internal addresses.
CPU : display assembler code and special SBR calls (VJ..).

Use "CLEAR" button to clear the ROM zone.

Load :
"ROM" - load a rom or machine code program. You will be prompted to write start address in hex without & symbol.
"SOURCE" - load a previously saved disassembled rom.

Save as :
"SOURCE" - save disassembled ROM and be able to reload in the future.
"TEXT" - save as simple text file.

When a ROM is loaded you can disassemble it between addresses defined by From/To. Click "Disass" to start.
"Clean" removes unnecessary lines.
The disassembled ROM can be modified and saved as a source (.asm) or text file. A source file can be opened and modified again.

Note: This is not a commercial site. This software is made available for documentation purpose, since the PC-1500 is now an obsolete computer. If you own a copyright on part of this code and do not want it to be available from here, please inform me.

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