Sharp PC-1500 (and TRS-80 PC-2) : technical reference manual

Sharp PC-1500 technical reference manual(*).
© 1983 Sharp Corporation.

This 160 pages manual published by Sharp in 1983 provides a detailed description of the PC-1500 machine language and microprocessor.
(Click on the image below to download a scanned version of this document in PDF format.)
Contributed by : Tom Berry.

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Table of contents

1. Machine Language

2. LH5801 Microprocessor

3. LH5801/LH5811 I/O port controller

4. PC-1500 hardware description

5. PC-1500 software

6. Machine language programming examples


(*) This software is made available for documentation purpose only, since the PC-1500 is now an obsolete computer. This is not a commercial site. If you own a copyright on this program and do not want it to be available from this site, please inform me and I will remove it.

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